Chefs Brad and Carrie have been fueling Central Oregon with deliciousness for over 17 years.  We believe in hard work, positive thinking and sharing our love, passion and know how for food with others.  We have an appreciation for quality ingredients and simple methods of preparation, an Old World standard. 

We’d like to make the “charcuterie” less about the prestige of what you’re eating and how much it costs, and more about what’s happening around that experience.  Boards should be about getting friends and family together, hanging out and finding something delicious to eat.  We also want to take price out of the equation so that folks can enjoy foods that are quality driven and not break the bank on it.

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If you’re having a get together, get a large variety of things- deli meats, cheeses of all kinds, mixed olives, pickled vegetables, homemade pate and rillettes-try them all, talk to each other and experience the event together.  It doesn’t have to be a special occasion, it can be as simple as four friends in car on a road trip having a great snack.

We also specialize in large party boards, built to suit for any occasion, available for pick-up or delivery.  And, we also package our items discounted in “bulk” form, so that when the guest is ready, they cut, place and present items on their board.

Board has been operational since January 2019 and we moved into the Podski August 1st, 2019.  We knew the Podski would be great for us for many reasons.  Mikel is great landlord / manager, really looks after everyones’ well-being and success as well as works hard to make the space welcoming and enjoyable.  The diverse cart community is very supportive of one another and whole lot of fun to be around-we’re all non-competitive and creative.

“We love the way our boards can bring friends and family together, again and again, and maybe, hopefully……just a little closer!”

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Board - The Podski

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