Maliwan, the brain behind Thailandia, was born in Northeastern Thailand in the village of Sahatsakhan, Kalasin. Throughout her childhood, Maliwan cooked traditional Thai food for friends and family. As a teenager, she moved to Bangkok for a while where she ran a food booth with her sister, cooking and selling Northeastern Thai street food.

She moved to the USA in 2004 and acquired her food cart and business with her husband in 2012. They have operated Thailandia ever since for over 5 years. We are currently located at The Podski and love the location. It is a great place to work and is a community of like-minded business owners that believe in work life balance. Maliwan loves cooking Thai food and joking with her customers. The secret to the delicious flavors of her food are the authentic Thai ingredients & spices used, and the traditional sauces she has perfected over time. Thailandia is Maliwan's "dream come true".

Thailandia Food Cart
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Thailandia Food Cart - the podski

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