The Podski Beer cart

The journey of The Podski Beer Cart started out when Mikel Lomsky and Caleb Trowbridge started playing music together in 2016 in a garage-converted-into-a-studio space where The Podski is now located. Caleb was bartending at Crux at the time, and when Mikel mentioned he wanted to put together a food truck lot, he told him he’d love to handle the beer bar, if it all worked out.

After some big delays, and a lot of hard work from Mikel, it's been so great to see The Podski turn in to the amazing place to be that it is today. Caleb couldn't be more excited about the incredible location, and the incredible neighboring carts surrounding them. His favorite thing about being parked at The Podski is the family atmosphere we have among the cart owners. It's a tight knit group that has fun doing what they love. 


The Podski is all about serving up beers and smiles, with incredible people pouring beer at the cart that absolutely love meeting new folks. With six beers on tap that are constantly rotating with all kinds of craft brews from all over the West Coast, canned domestics, cider, wine, and kombucha…..Come on down and feel the vibe!


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