Brooke always knew she wanted to end up with a career that helped her community and helped animals. She quit her job as a veterinary technician when she realized the best way to truly share her talents with the world was to open a vegan food truck. Toasty opened in September of 2019 right before Brooke turned 25. The opportunity to show her community that eating vegan is both good for the body and the environment drove her to work hard every day to guarantee the success of Toasty. Surrounded by supportive family and friends, Brooke is dedicated to serving her community and helping the animals and the environment as best she can.

Toasty - Food Cart - The Podski
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The Podski heard of Brooke’s new food truck through a mutual friend and offered Brooke a spot after meeting her. She couldn’t have been more happy about the opportunity. The vibe at the Podski is so fun and light-hearted. Everyone seems to be having a good time whether it’s the bartenders, the food truck owners, or the customers. You come for the good drinks and food and stay for the awesome company!

toasty food card - the podski
Toasty - The Podski

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